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2019 year-end Full Jet’s Company Review

Full Jet just had an end-of-year company meeting over past year’s achievement and company goals going forward.

In the past year, Full Jet has seen riveting results with overall GMV from all the brands grew by 364%. One of our brands won 2019 Tmall awards for “Dark Horse Brand” and “Category Pioneer”.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the support from our clients and partners and also for such an amazing crew that helped us reach the sky. More will be celebrated thru our Annual Dinner after CNY.


在过去的一年里,满捷取得了引人注目的成就,所有运营品牌的总GMV增长了364% 。 我们运营的一个品牌更是囊获了天猫颁发的2019行业“黑马品牌”和“品类先锋”两项重磅大奖。


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