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What Lessons can Brands Learn From the 618 Shopping Festival 2022 edition?

618 is an awaited event for consumers, platforms, and brands, well established as the second biggest shopping festival in China after 11.11 in November.
This year’s festival was even more anticipated. After the lockdown in big cities, it was important for China’s e-commerce key players to take the market’s pulse.

Our Full Jet team pulled out critical data of key categories monitored by Baozun analytic tools.

The most successful categories we saw (skincare, home and kitchen appliances, outdoor and luxury) benefited from the Covid resurgence. Other categories have seen their UV decrease but still achieved a YOY growth (ex: cosmetics).

With more and more brands on the platforms, the competition for traffic acquisition has been sharper and sharper. As a side effect, we observed a clear shift from search-driven marketing to content-driven. This shift is impacting the platforms’ content innovation and brands’ content strategy, pushing them to go next level.

Interested to know more?
You can read our full report below!

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