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Full Jet’s 11.11 Celebratory News

Full Jet is proud to share with you our 11.11 results! The 11th year of the 11.11 campaign took a lot of work to prepare. Using targeted marketing, fast customer service response and smooth operational management we were able to deliver results above expectations. Thank you to everyone for participating in this successful…

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Full Jet Summer 2020 Gathering

The Full Jet Team met yesterday for a summer gathering! What a great opportunity it was for us to come together, to take stock on last year, and to prepare the rest of the year ahead! Always reaching for new heights...we start building Full Jet 3.0 now! What was on the agenda? An in-depth…

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Full Jet 6.18 results

Full Jet achieved great results for this year's Tmall 6.18 Shopping Festival 满捷在今年刚刚结束的天猫618大促上再次获得了杰出的成果!

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Full Jet team featured in CIO Bulletin magazine

Our Full Jet team is featured in press! In the latest issue of CIO Bulletin magazine, our talented senior team members had their pictures featured! The full-length article also described Full Jet's approach and vision in detail by explaining how we develop go-to-market strategies for our clients and the methodology we follow in order to…

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Full Jet named “30 Admired Companies to Watch” by CIO Bulletin

Full Jet is honored to have been named by CIO Bulletin as one of "30 Admired Companies to Watch" in 2020. We see this as a testament of our providing tailored, client-first services that seamlessly integrate E-Commerce and Digital Marketing, and the spirit of dedication possessed by our talented workforce. A sincere “thank you” to…

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Full Jet European office opening!

We hope you are as excited as we are to share this important news and milestone moment for our Company. As our vision and ambitions grow and to stay true to our mission of helping brands "crack the code" of China E-Commerce, we have decided to open an overseas office serving Europe & America and…

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Full Jet Women’s Day campaign results

Despite the setbacks and difficulties presented by the COVID-19 outbreak in China,  Tmall flagship stores we operate have achieved excellent sales results during this year's Women's Day campaigns. We over-archieved sales targets by 25.3% on average. And it's worth mentioning that these targets were set long before the virus situation threw brand targets "all out-of-whack!"…

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How is the Full Jet team handling the COVID-19 situation?

Full Jet has resumed work on Februry 10th after the one-week extension of Chinese New Year holiday. Although some of our employees are still working from home either due to travel restrictions or the advised 14-day quarantine upon returning  to Shanghai, all our staff are safe and we expect things to go back to normal…

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Online, BUT “Full-on”!

Forging ahead despite the difficult times, today China slowly re-opens its doors for business. Here is a snapshot of life at Full Jet on the first day back: Disposable masks have been distributed and our office is being scrubbed clean and disinfected several times throughout the day. Body temperature checks have been setup outside…

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2019 year-end Full Jet’s Company Review

Full Jet just had an end-of-year company meeting over past year's achievement and company goals going forward. In the past year, Full Jet has seen riveting results with overall GMV from all the brands grew by 364%. One of our brands won 2019 Tmall awards for "Dark Horse Brand" and "Category Pioneer". We…

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Full Jet’s results for 12.12

Full Jet achieved outstanding results for this year's Tmall Double 12 Shopping Festival as compared to last year's campaign. Overall we saw an average (YoY) growth in sales of 400%, and we over-archieved sales targets by 57%. These great results were achieved all while keeping the discount rates in check (reduced by 20 percentage points)…

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