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2021 Singles’ Day Shopping Festival is the Largest Edition Yet 

2021 Singles' Day Shopping Festival Reaches US$84.54 billion in GMV, the Largest Edition Yet  Sandrine Zerbib, Founder and Chairwoman of Full Jet powered by Baozun, discussed the recent 11.11 shopping festival for Retail in Asia alongside other China market experts.  They explained the successes and the key changes of the world's biggest e-commerce event. "Big festivals such…

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Throwback to the Next Tech China Event

Last month La French Tech Shanghai organized an online and offline event to shed light on the challenges of tomorrow in the most innovative industries in China.   Sandrine Zerbib, Founder and Chairwoman of Full Jet powered by Baozun joined a panel discussion about retail with Katia Lan, Bertrand Régnier, and Alexis Bonhomme. She shared her insights about the blurring…

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Full Jet powered by Baozun & Next Tech China Event

We are honored to support the French Tech industry in China. Next Tech China is a unique moment of exchange. The Chinese ecosystem has the peculiarity of changing and evolving quickly, and we think it is essential to share the keys to decode it. When: October 11th to 15th 2021 Where: Online & Offline in…

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Sandrine Zerbib Is Breaking Down The Thriving Cosmetics Market in China For Cosmetic Business

Interviewed in March by Julia Wray for Cosmetic Business, Sandrine Zerbib, Founder and Chairwoman of Full Jet, Powered by Baozun, shared the keys to cracking the code of the cosmetics industry in China.   “Competition in the beauty segment is huge in China due to the upsurge of brands either domestic or regional…

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Sandrine Zerbib Is Featured In Fashion United

Positioned to be the largest luxury market in the world by 2025, China currently accounts for 41% of the total global market today. That number should get more than a few businesses itching to break into the market. Even throughout 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic began and continues, the global luxury market dropped…

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Five Ways China’s E-Commerce Landscape is Changing – BoF Interview

The e-commerce market in China increasingly blurred its lines. As a result, every brand must be prepared to occupy their spot in the customer journey, connecting all touch points seamlessly.  How to manage the e-commerce boom for your benefit, while staying in the loop with such a hyper-evolving market?  Zoe Suen…

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Sandrine Zerbib on BFM TV: Online Luxury is Booming in China

In 2020 global luxury consumption decreased by 23%; meanwhile, it increased by close to 50% in China, reaching RMB 346 billion (Bain & Company and Tmall Luxury Division Report). Interviewed by Erwan Morice on BFM TV, Sandrine Zerbib, Full Jet Powered by Baozun Founder and Chairwoman, listed some reasons to explain this surge in the middle…

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Get to Know The Unsung Hero of China’s Luxury E-commerce Boom

A luxury brand’s selling point is legacy, craftsmanship, and exclusivity. How do you transfer this identity into the quickly evolving Chinese ecosystem? Sandrine Zerbib shared her insights on this question in a Vogue Business article.  You can read this interesting article about TPs' work in China with luxury brands below: 

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Sandrine Zerbib’s Intervention on The Future of Brands E-commerce Conference

Our Founder and Managing Partner, Sandrine Zerbib, recently gave her insights about why and how luxury brands are going online in China at The Future of Brands E-commerce online conference. She shared this time with one of our Full Jet clients Nathalie Remy, CEO at Christofle, French luxury cutlery brand. Watch the full replay below to understand why…

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Sandrine Zerbib’s Corporate Q&A Interview for Week in China

We’re excited to post Sandrine Zerbib’s interview for Week in China. She was invited to give her opinion on the Chinese E-commerce market, its features and ever-changing ecosystem. She also gave insightful good practices for international brands to succeed online in China.  Scroll down to read the full interview! 我们非常高兴与大家分享 杂志对Sandrine Zerbib女士的采访。Sandrine受邀就中国电商市场的特点和不断变化的生态系统表达了她的看法,以及阐述了对于国际品牌如何在中国线上市场取得成功的深刻见解。

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Victoria Glanz interview on BFM TV: China’s fast recovery after Covid-19

We are very excited to share an interview with Victoria Glanz, Full Jet Senior Partner for Client Development & Operations. Victoria was invited on BFM TV on the 1st of June to give her insights on the recovery of retail sales in China online and offline, particulary that of luxury retail. Victoria highlighted significant differences…

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Victoria Interview on Global Retail News May 2020 issue

We are very happy to share here an interview our Senior Partner, Victoria Glanz gave for the May issue of Global Retail News. During the session, Victoria gave her take on the impact, challenges and opportunities of COVID-19 for overall retail and E-Commerce in China, as well as her thoughts on the current dynamics of…

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