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Chinese Brands Overseas Success Stories Round 2: Florasis

Chinese Brands Overseas Success Stories Round 2: Florasis

Florasis is a Chinese traditional-styled makeup brand launched in 2017, playing on a high-end segment. The brand is positioning itself opposite to SHEIN, the fast fashion e-commerce brand, and coupled with best practices from China e-commerce, the strategy is working!

Here are the main points of their successful Chinese-inspired marketing strategy:

1️⃣ “Guochao” 国潮: The Use of Chinese Culture

The success of Florasis in China and abroad is its refined use of Chinese myths and aesthetics. Brands incorporating elements of Chinese culture in their collection are very appreciated in #China, particularly by the younger and nationally proud generation. The luxurious packaging and storytelling wowed beauty consumers with very delicate visuals in the West, including editorial pictures and videos on social media and the website. The brand immerses the consumers into its world.

2️⃣ Brand Advocates: Influencers

To build its awareness abroad and successfully localize it, Florasis leveraged many micro and macro-influencers. The brand collaborated with Meredith Duxbury, a micro-TikTok influencer with 200k followers, to do a makeup tutorial video with Florasis products. The first single video went viral rapidly and reached over 5 million people. The brand now has over 700K followers on TikTok, twice more than well-known makeup brands in the U.S, such as Benefit Cosmetics or Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Florasis is proof of how Chinese-infused digital strategies are making wonders in the West. 

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