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Christofle Grand Opening

Full Jet is excited to announce the grand opening of the Tmall flagship store of @Christofle, the world-leading luxury silversmith brand from France. The brand furnished many royal houses and luxury hotels including Napoleon III and Elysee Palace with their refined silver tableware, flatware and accessories since 1830. Christofle introduced silver plating and electrolytic gold-gilding in France and became a household name for “Art of the Table”. Over the years, Christofle has worked with world-renowned designers such as masters of architecture – Gio Ponti – and the avant-garde “Coco Chanel of interior design” – Andree Putman – and has always stayed in the zeitgeist.

Full Jet is thrilled that Christofle chose us as its partner on Tmall. We invite you to click on the link:  to rediscover their collections from modern to neoclassical, in addition to their most coveted, iconic, egg-shaped MOOD flatware sets.

满捷公司非常高兴地宣布 @Christofle 天猫旗舰店的盛大开业!@Christofle 来自法国,是世界领先的豪华银器品牌。自1830年起,该品牌为包括拿破仑三世和爱丽舍宫在内的许多皇家宫殿和豪华酒店配置了精制银器餐具、器皿及配件。Christofle在法国引进了镀银和电解镀金工艺,并成为了家喻户晓的“餐桌艺术”品牌。多年来,Christofle一直与世界知名的设计师合作,如建筑大师 Gio Ponti 和前卫派“室内设计界的可可香奈儿” Andree Putman,并始终保持着时代精神。

满捷公司很高兴Chritofle选择我们作为其天猫的合作伙伴。我们邀请您点击链接: 重新发现该品牌从现代到新古典主义的产品系列,以及最令人关注的标志性蛋形MOOD系列餐具。

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