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Discover Dewu, the China fashion community’s E-commerce app

Dewu is a successful Chinese fashion e-commerce app shaking up the industry. It currently ranks among the top-five free apps on China’s App Store and is valued at one billion dollars, three times the price of its American counterpart, StockX.

Why is Dewu such an interesting platform?

1️⃣ Contrary to traditional e-commerce platforms, Dewu positions the product at the center, building its reputation on rare and genuine items authenticated by the platform before shipping. 
The app attracts a strong and loyal community: fashionable GenZers. The younger Chinese consider it a trend indicator where they share their past purchases, favorite looks, and so forth.

2️⃣ The app makes room for Chinese fashion and designer brands riding on the “Guochao” culture towards Chinese consumers’ hearts. Dewu held the #Guochao Design Competition to build an incubation platform for Guochao brand owners in China last year.

3️⃣ Dewu has strong awareness abroad. Like Douyin has its TikTok, Dewu has its Poizon. The app shares the Chinese Gen Zer’s sense of fashion in China and drives Chinese trends to the international fashion stage.

International first-line brands quickly understood the power of Dewu and opened their accounts on the app. In 2020, many brands created limited-edition collaborations that could be found on Dewu. 
They were:
– Louis Vuitton and Nigo co-branded to develop a clothing line
– Hermès introduced a holiday series cardigan
– Dior and Air Jordan 1 co-branded to create sneakers
– FENDI and Qixi collection prospered in the fashion world
– Nike and SB Dunk made ice cream sneakers
– Lego and Lamborghini co-branded to create toys 

???? Check out the document below to know more about Dewu and stay tuned to discover more successful yet unknown Chinese platforms! 

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