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E-commerce and marketing trends: Livestreaming

On Mar. 21st, Taobao Live launched its first livestreaming shopping festival. Over 10,000 offline stores are said to have run their livestreaming shows during the festival.  Due to the COVID-19 outbreak over the past few months, more and more brands are looking to develop their online presence on Tmall. Currently, there are over one million merchants on Taobao and 12,000 brands have opened flagship stores on Tmall. The list continues to grow. Brands such as IKEA & Prada also launched Tmall flagship stores very recently. Making your online store visible has become a necessity. For many merchants, livestreaming is the holy grail since traffic from livestreaming is easy to convert into transactions. In the last month alone, over 50% of Tmall merchants used livestreaming; the number of offline store merchants who ran livestreaming shows on Taobao & Tmall grew five-fold and the number of shopping associates who hosted livestreaming shows also increased ten times and seemingly keeps doubling every week.

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