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E-Commerce Predicted to Account for More Than 50% of Retail Sales in China This Year

For the first time in history, e-commerce will surpass retail sales in China. According to eMarketer, e-commerce sales will go from 44.8% to 52.1% in 2021.
The pandemic has something to do with this historical record. However, it is important to understand that it was only an accelerator of this trend and not the initiator.
China’s e-commerce sales have been unmatched for years, creating a gap that other countries might never cover.

Top 3 countries by #retail e-commerce sales share (2021):
1. China → 52.1%
2. South Korea → 28.9%
3. UK → 28.3%

These numbers should definitely give brands uncertain about going online in China something to consider!
As the undisputable e-commerce leader of today and tomorrow, China can count on its tech giants, ultra-connected consumers, and influencers to stay unrivaled.

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