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Five Ways China’s E-Commerce Landscape is Changing – BoF Interview

The e-commerce market in China increasingly blurred its lines. As a result, every brand must be prepared to occupy their spot in the customer journey, connecting all touch points seamlessly. 

How to manage the e-commerce boom for your benefit, while staying in the loop with such a hyper-evolving market? 

Zoe Suen from Business of Fashion interviewed Sandrine Zerbib, Founder and Chairwoman of Full Jet, Powered by Baozun, and Vincent Qiu, CEO of Baozun. Representing the top e-commerce partners of global fashion brands in China, they gave their take on the question.  

The article focuses on:   

– The race of global brands against ultra-fast domestic competitors 
– The role of live streaming 
– The growing importance of lower-tiered cities 
– The variety of online shopping events  
– The question of outsourcing Chinese e-commerce projects 

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