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From Consulting to Operations: IKKS’s China Market Re-Entry Project

IKKS first entered the Chinese market with its brand IKKS Junior and opened stores in 7 premium offline locations in China. 
Today, IKKS’s ambition is to re-enter the market and position itself as a premium lifestyle brand both online and offline.

Entrusted with this re-entry strategy, our FullJet Team delivered a bespoke strategic plan to give the brand the right tools to understand the complex Chinese market. To do so, we conducted a solid benchmark on the fashion segment. We analyzed over 10 leading fashion brands on the Chinese market today, giving us access to a significant amount of data.

This project allowed us to perfect our understanding of the segment’s trends and IKKS’s challenges, positioning us as the most suited partner to operate this project! 

We are very honored that the group chose FullJet powered by Baozun, as their TP!
We cannot wait to launch this project together with the IKKS Team!


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