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Full Jet European office opening!

We hope you are as excited as we are to share this important news and milestone moment for our Company. As our vision and ambitions grow and to stay true to our mission of helping brands “crack the code” of China E-Commerce, we have decided to open an overseas office serving Europe & America and based in Paris, France to be led by our Senior Partner, Victoria GLANZ, who spent 5 years developing and leading our E-Commerce & Digital Services in China, and is already “on the ground” in Paris.
这对我司是个激动人心的里程碑,我们也希望您在看到这一重要新闻分享时与我们同喜! 为实现满捷日益增长的愿景和抱负,也为了秉持恪守帮助海外品牌在中国市场复杂的电商环境“破解密码”的使命,满捷决定在法国巴黎开设一家服务欧美客户的海外办事处,由Victoria GLANZ女士主理。作为满捷的高级合伙人,Victoria在过去五年里发展并领导了满捷中国公司的电商和数字营销业务,为公司作出了重要贡献,未来她将常驻巴黎。

Our new European office will enable us to be closer to our existing European and American clients, and also to explore new business opportunities for all brands looking to know more about China. Victoria will continue to work very closely with our China team and to serve as a very important point of contact especially with your head offices in Europe and the US.
我们新的欧洲办事处将使满捷得以更贴近现有的欧美客户,并为所有希望试水中国市场的品牌提供新的商机。 Victoria将继续与我们的中国团队紧密合作,并作为特别联络人与贵司在欧洲和美国的总部办公室保持联系。

We hope to leverage our presence and activity in Europe to bring even more success to Full Jet in 2020.

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