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Full Jet powered by Baozun, Advised Max Mara and Max&Co. on Their Omnichannel Strategy

The brands (run by GBMax) already have a strong offline presence in China with over 130 physical stores for Max Mara alone.

However, last year the Group accelerated its digitalization strategy by opening a Max&Co. flagship store on Tmall Luxury Pavilion and two WeChat Mini-Programs (Max&Co. and Max Mara).

They went further in 2020 with a remarkable omnichannel Treasure Island Fall Campaign. Offline Max Mara partnered with Shimao Hotels and Resorts, offering a Max Mara Teddy Bear-themed afternoon tea. Online, they launched a mobile game on Weibo and WeChat and more! 
To help the brands develop their omnichannel strategy, our Full Jet Team conducted a benchmark of all the online and offline channels. We built a tailor-made omnichannel strategy with an operational plan, giving the Max Mara Group all the tools to perform in the perplexing Chinese market. This will allow them to provide their customers with a seamless experience across all channels.
We would like to thank the Max Mara Group and GBMax for their trust in this great project and look forward to taking this partnership to the next level!


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