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Full Jet, Powered by Baozun and IT Consultis Webinar – Replay is Live!

Hosted on the 23rd of February by Sandrine Zerbib, Founder of Full Jet, Powered by Baozun and Aurélien Rigart, Co-founder and VP of IT Consultis, this webinar presented an overview of E-commerce strategies in China focused on how public and private traffic can complement each other to help you tackle the challenging and competitive Chinese eCommerce ecosystem.

This webinar is divided into 3 sections as follows:
Section 1: The Chinese Digital Landscape (04:34​ – 11:55​)
Section 2: Public & Private traffic: an Overview (11:56​ – 27:47​)

Section 3: Why Should Brands Adopt a Hybrid Strategy? (27:48​-44:00​)

Q&A (44:02​-01:03:08​)


We look forward to seeing you for our next webinar!

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