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Full Jet powered by Baozun Welcomes Jingqiu Shao!

We are delighted to announce that Jingqiu has joined our China team as our new Senior Strategy Manager. 

Jingqiu specializes in digital consulting, strategic planning, and new brand ventures, focusing on premium consumer goods and retail and e-commerce business. 

At Full Jet powered by Baozun, she will be responsible for tailored e-commerce strategy development and dynamic strategy monitoring to secure brand operational success. She will work closely with brands for business expansion in Asia. 

We asked Jingqiu what makes China’s e-commerce so unique? Her answer:
“Today, Chinese consumers receive a tremendous volume of information through more diversified touchpoints than ever: information that is more likely to be traced and analyzed with advanced technology in recent years. The surge of newly entered brands tells the tale of China’s e-commerce attraction. However, with the competitive, complex, and ever-changing e-commerce ecosystem, few brands have efficiently identified a comprehensive entry strategy. Therefore, I am proud that Full Jet powered by Baozun has and will be continuing to bridge the gap. I am confident that we will build more successful market entry businesses together.” 

We look forward to a long and successful journey with Jingqiu!

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