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Full Jet Summer 2020 Gathering

The Full Jet Team met yesterday for a summer gathering! What a great opportunity it was for us to come together, to take stock on last year, and to prepare the rest of the year ahead! Always reaching for new heights…we start building Full Jet 3.0 now!

What was on the agenda? An in-depth company review & presentation PLUS 8 sports games, 12 Teams, 1 winner & tons of fun! We learned, we laughed, we loved it!

Full Jet Team wishes you a beautiful summer!



在日程表上有些什么?一场对公司的深入回顾和对全新战略以及组织架构的演讲。 还有8种运动游戏、12个团队、1支胜利队伍和许多乐趣!我们沉浸其中,欢声笑语与学习并进,度过了一段愉快的时光!


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