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Full Jet’s results for 12.12

Full Jet achieved outstanding results for this year’s Tmall Double 12 Shopping Festival as compared to last year’s campaign. Overall we saw an average (YoY) growth in sales of 400%, and we over-archieved sales targets by 57%. These great results were achieved all while keeping the discount rates in check (reduced by 20 percentage points) and improving sell-thru rates by 19 percentage points. Sales figure rankings for one of our brands moved up to 2nd place overall in its entire category! 

We are really thrilled that our strategy and tactics to seamlessly integrate E-Commerce sales performance and consumer-centric brand building are showing great results! 

We salute all Full Jet members and partners for their dedication and trust. We believe we can achieve even greater results in the future!

满捷在今年刚刚结束的天猫双十二大促上再创辉煌。 对比去年同期,在保持折扣率降低20%的基础上,销售额同比增长了400% ,销售额超预期57% ,同时售罄率提高了19% 。我们的一个合作品牌销售额也成功位列所在类目第二名!



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