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How is the E-Commerce Market in France Today?

Last week, our team members Meijuan XING and Juliette Masson from the Paris office visited the Paris Retail Week that addressed innovations in the French e-commerce market of today and the future. 

France is the second largest e-commerce market in Europe and the 6th in the world. In 2020, e-commerce (products and services) accounted for €112 billion with a significant increase of 8.5%. 

The main topics the event revolved around were:

????In-Store Retail Digital Tech
???? Payment Solutions 
✈️Logistics & Supply Chain
????Marketing/Data & Customer Relationship
????IT for Commerce

What are the BIG trends? 

1️⃣ Click & Collect shopping – remains a preferred e-commerce option for French people

2️⃣ The Marketplace Business Model – is a solution gaining importance for brands that are looking to expand their business

3️⃣ Omni-channel strategies – are a must, with the e-commerce website remaining the primary online channel

From what we observed, the French retail market remains first and foremost brick-and-mortar but also #omnichannel. The primary concern of the brands is to find a seamless bridge through all of their channels regarding CRM, logistics, inventory questions, etc.

Below is a sneak peek of the Paris Retail Week ???? .

Stay tuned for more updates from our Paris office! 

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