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International Women’s Day: “Chinese style”

In China, the word “woman” is often dubbed as “girl” due to negative connotation of “woman”. Tainted by commercialism and rise of the “she-economy,” March 8th now marks a celebration of the growing consumer power among Chinese women.  Retailers promote it heavily “Goddess Day” or “Queen’s Day.” On Taobao & Tmall, 3.8 is considered one of the biggest shopping festivals just after 11.11, 6.18 and 12.12. In 2019, the market targeting women-specifically reached 4.5 trillion RMB in China. Brands also look at Women’s Day as a perfect sales campaign opportunity to cash-in on. Statistics show that over two-thirds of ad spending in China are targeted directly at women. 

At Full Jet, we celebrate women’s day with all our employees and support out brands with Queen’s day on Tmall. We believe in self-made women since Full Jet has been founded and led by empowered women. Happy Women’s Day to all! 

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