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Leroy Merlin visiting Full Jet for a learning expedition

On Jun 27th, Full Jet welcomed a Leroy Merlin Romania group for its learning expedition led by Matthieu LEBELLER from B.D.C Digital Retail Consulting. As the founding business of the GROUPE ADEO – the third largest player worldwide in home improvement market, Leroy Merlin is a French-headquartered, home-improvement retailer serving several countries in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. The Chinese home improvement market is vastly different from other countries and adequately understanding local consumer needs is crucial to a successful launch in the Chinese market. During the meeting, Full Jet shared key trends, figures and best practices to succeed on Chinese E-commerce and social media platforms; as well as market overview of home renovation / decor sector in China and case studies of key players such as Easyhome, Red Star Macalline and IKEA.

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