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Mandatory Animal Testing on Imported “Ordinary” Cosmetics for China is Lifted

Currently, the cosmetics market has seen impressive growth; in 2019, the APAC region saw a 41% increase. Skincare and luxury cosmetic products are the fastest-growing categories in this sector.

China is the first market in Asia and second globally, accounting for 261.9 billion RMB in 2018 (Daxue Consulting).

What does this mean for cruelty-free cosmetic brands?
Having used cross-border platforms such as Tmall Global to bypass animal testing and sell in China before, we can expect brands to enter the domestic market online and offline to reach a more extensive consumer base.

What is the potential impact on cross-border platforms?
Tmall Global announced new plans to help western brands enter the China market faster with the ability to launch a storefront within 30 days.

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