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Online, BUT “Full-on”!

Forging ahead despite the difficult times, today China slowly re-opens its doors for business. Here is a snapshot of life at Full Jet on the first day back:

Disposable masks have been distributed and our office is being scrubbed clean and disinfected several times throughout the day. Body temperature checks have been setup outside our office complex entrance and all staff are expected to wear their masks all day within our company premises and in all public areas throughout Shanghai. Group meetings are taking place primarily online within the office our colleagues are making sure to maintain at least 2-meters of distance between one another. 

Besides the above internal actions, we have also asked our warehouse and courier service partners to implement sanitation measures for all parcels going out to the consumers and for all returned goods.  

We thank all of our team members for their proactiveness and support during this special situation. Though we are at home, online and/or behind our protective face gear, we are full speed ahead as possible to support our clients and on-going projects! Stay safe and stay tuned for more updates!

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