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O2O Experience Solution


M.A.C, famous Canadian beauty brand, wanted to increase its offline performance in China. 


To boost sales performance, Baozun combined social commerce, and smart retail tools covering before, in-store and after sales shopping experiences. To attract and inspire potential buyers, Baozun leveraged an IP Collaboration with a popular mobile game in China as well as virtual try-on on the WeChat Mini-Program. To trigger purchase and sharing, Baozun implemented Scan & Buy QR codes and Product D.I.Y sharing. Finally, to encourage stores re-visits, users can book for offline services on the WeChat Mini-Program.  


The IP Collaboration allowed M.A.C to gain more than 10 million targeted unique visitors a day. The average time spent in M.A.C stores in China is five times longer than before. 

The conversion rate in store has increased threefold and the average order value increased by 10 to 15% in store. 

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