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Performance Review and Audit




Skechers had big ambitions for the Chinese market. To support this growth strategy, the company asked Full Jet to audit  their processes, organization and tools in order to maximize their chances of success.


Skechers needed to find the successful supporting business model to maximize growth opportunities and gain a competitive advantage.


Full Jet powered by Baozun delivered consulting on several strategic aspects: 

– Product Strategy: we reviewed product performance to find areas for improvement, 

– Risk Management: we reviewed their current Business Model and explored other Business Models for better opportunities, 

– Marketing & Communication Strategy: we performed an audit of the marketing activities and advised future opportunities,

– Structural Impact: We identified key issues in the present organization and proposed a target organization


Full Jet powered by Baozun provided detailed market research on the sports and retail industries in China and clear strategic, process and organization recommendations. Through this project, we were able to give Skechers insightful advice to support their growth strategy in China. 

Download our China Digital Report 2021 to get the keys to this complex ecosystem ​

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