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Private or Public Traffic – Which One is the Best?

Public traffic is when you pay for brand traffic on e-commerce platforms, search engines, media-buy, etc.

Private traffic refers to when the brand controls the traffic traditionally through email campaigns, brand website, etc.

Why did private traffic become so popular in 2020? 
1.    Competition for traffic and consequently cost has increased as more brands are entering e-commerce platforms. Private traffic appears as a cheaper solution.
2.    The Chinese preference for more direct contact with brands on social media rather than emails makes private traffic more appealing. 

The Chinese brand, Perfect Diary reportedly manages 1,000,000 private traffic followers, requiring 2,000 separate WeChat groups and 200 WeChat accounts. That’s a best-in-class, but it requires a lot of time, resources, and a large budget.

Everything depends on the brand’s budget, time and DNA. Public traffic and KOLs bring awareness and lead to conversion and transactions. However, private traffic is more about developing Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) communities and triggering repurchase – which is great but much more indirect. Finding a clever mix between both approaches is the key. 


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