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SHEIN: Online Made in China Strategy Generates Success in the West

This summer, Shein surpassed H&M and ZARA SA by becoming the largest fast-fashion retailer in the U.S reaching, 28% in sales. 

???? Here are the main points of their successful Chinese-inspired marketing strategy:

Design A Never-Ending Online Shopping Experience

On Shein, shopping never stops! From an endless product feeds (the brand lists 1,000 new items a day) to countless discount opportunities, Shein keeps the user involved with constant incentives! 
The brand keeps consumers engaged with gamification – and an innovative point-system fidelity program that encourages users to complete various actions, such as verifying your email or posting a review on a product to gain points to shop online

Become Omni-Present on Social Media ????

Shein is very active on various social platforms such as TikTokYouTube, and Instagram. On TikTok alone, shein has earned 6.2 billion views and appears in more than 70 other trending hashtags. In addition, on Instagram, Shein’s ten verified accounts boast a total of nearly 30 million followers. Shein hosts Instagram live shows every Wednesday and recently celebrated its fourth anniversary with an Instagram Live event. Viewers had the opportunity to win gift cards and redeem points while watching clothing reviews.

Create A Community of Micro and Macro Influencers

Shein’s influencers marketing strategy is similar to KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) marketing in China. Everybody can be an influencer with Shein! In exchange for free clothes every month, the affiliate promotes Shein on social media. Try-on haul videos are very popular. 
Shein collaborated with celebrities in the west famous with Gen Z such as Katy Perry, Lil Nas X, Rita Ora, Hailey Bieber in 2020.

Shein is making the consumers the stars of their own shopping experience, helping to create a community of loyal consumers and millions of brand ambassadors. Constantly entertaining users, Shein triggers purchases on every digital touchpoint and stays close to their consumers.

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