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Social CRM – Chinese Style: Bigger, More Powerful and Fully Digital

Say goodbye to traditional customer relationship management (CRM) and say hello to social CRM. Before a brand would send out information to potential customers, but there would be no real interaction unless the customer came into their store. This made it very difficult to gather information. Today, things have changed at lightning speed, especially in China. Social CRM is allowing brands and customers to interact with each other on social platforms, specifically WeChat. Through these interactions WeChat is gathering data from online users. This data is gold for brands that want to target their potential customers.

Why do we need social CRM? The CRM framework exists to improve marketing efficiency. It allows consumer profiling and can sync online and offline CRM records. Thanks to social CRM data, brands can create personalized content that can build brand affinity, move consumers through the purchasing process and to better understand the consumer. CRM allows for a data transformation by helping brands strengthen their strategy, content and relationships with their consumers.

How does it work? The consumer needs journey through four steps; catch, consider, convert and continue. The content needs to catch the attention of the potential consumer, have the consumer consider the product, encourage conversion into a purchase, encourage sharing online and building brand loyalty.

The CRM channels range from email, to SMS, to commercial website and so forth. The data collected through these channels can be demographics (age, sex, location), purchasing behavior and psychographics (WeChat followers, content consumption). All of these elements then create WeChat file tags on service account backend in the CRM database. The more data that is collected the more consumers the brand acquires. Thanks to social CRM we can strategically track consumers evolution.

This wealth of data is at your fingertips, but it is useless if it not analyzed properly and then strategically implemented. Full Jet’s knowledge of social CRM is key to guiding any company into digitalizing their brand for the Chinese market. Let us help you create a strategic social CRM.

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