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How have online consumer behaviors been impacted by the Shanghai Lockdown?

The two-month lockdown in Shanghai starting last April has dramatically impacted the city’s population. After an economic standstill, the city begins breathing again, consuming again, but consuming differently! We could easily observe this consumption change during the 618 Shopping Festival this June. Some categories’ YOY UV and GMV growth skyrocketed: outdoors (camping gears and sun…

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China E-commerce strategy:  cross-border or domestic e-commerce, what to choose?

Cross-border e-commerce refers to the activity of selling to customers located in different country than the one you are established in and shipping from. At the opposite, domestic e-commerce consists of selling to customers in the same country directly. It is possible when the company has established a legal entity in the country it is…

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Understanding E-Commerce in China: How a Solid Audit Leads to a Successful Implementation 

It is no longer a secret that China is a pioneer in setting a record for e-commerce. In 2020, 782 million Chinese were buying online. In 2021, China reached a new milestone. For the first time in history, e-commerce sales accounted for more than half of retail sales with an estimated 52% compared to 45%…

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E-Commerce in China: What are the Opportunities for International Brands?

Chinese e-commerce has its own specificities and offers great opportunities for foreign companies. But it is, above all, essential to understanding the codes of the Chinese market before you can hope for any success in China. The Chinese consumer is the most connected in the world. In 2021, they spent 5 hours 15 minutes scrolling…

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E-Commerce and Social Media : A Non-Existing Border in the Chinese Market

Today's Chinese consumers have immersed themselves in a 2.0 era thanks to their well-built and developed digital environment, often ahead of the world. China is the leading e-commerce market, with more than 780 million e-shoppers in 2020.  In addition to the importance of e-commerce in China, social media holds an extraordinary place in Chinese consumption habits.…

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The Keys to Understanding the Entertaining and Seamless Experience of Chinese E-commerce

Jonathan Roy from the UK Investor Magazine invited Sandrine Zerbib, Founder and Chairwoman of Full Jet, Powered by Baozun, in a podcast to paint a detailed picture of the unique Chinese e-commerce market and consumer. This podcast tackles the following topics: ➤ The unique Chinese digital ecosystem vs. the West ➤ The Chinese digital consumer: what and how…

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De Beers Jewellers Recently Revealed Its New Ambassador!

The luxury jewellery house chose 22-year-old singer and actor Cai Xukun as its new face. Cai is very popular among the younger Chinese generation (more than 34 million followers on #Weibo). De Beers's official Weibo account's announcement was a great success and received more than two million likes and comments. Using male ambassadors to…

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A New Record for Tmall 11.11 Pre-Sales

Alibaba Group's 11.11 Global Shopping Festival plays a vital role for brands, platforms, and consumers every year. Like last year, there are two waves of pre-sales: the 1st wave of pre-sales launched at 8 pm on October 20th, and the 2nd wave of pre-sales will start on November 4th. 11.11 Global Trends from the…

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SHEIN: Online Made in China Strategy Generates Success in the West

This summer, Shein surpassed H&M and ZARA SA by becoming the largest fast-fashion retailer in the U.S reaching, 28% in sales.  ???? Here are the main points of their successful Chinese-inspired marketing strategy: Design A Never-Ending Online Shopping Experience On Shein, shopping never stops! From an endless product feeds (the brand lists 1,000 new items a…

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From Celebrity Endorsement to idol industry in China

Why celebrities and idols are so important in the Chinese market When brands enter the Chinese market, one of the first things they are usually told is to hire a celebrity to promote themselves and their products. There are four reasons for this approach. First, in a highly fragmented digital ecosystem…

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Sandrine Zerbib in the China Business Cast

E-commerce in China is booming, yet most businesses still have trouble understanding this complex ecosystem. To succeed, online businesses must meet multiple goals, requiring different sets of expertise. Full Jet powered by Baozun Founder and Chairwoman, Sandrine Zerbib was invited by the China Business Cast to share her insights on what it takes to…

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When E-commerce Grows By Becoming Truly Personal

The rise of the private domain in China As we saw briefly in the article about the Perfect Diary case study, one of the recent trends in Chinese e-commerce is the focus on the private domain or private traffic. This attention to the private domain has increased during the Covid 19 pandemic as brands…

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