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How have online consumer behaviors been impacted by the Shanghai Lockdown?

The two-month lockdown in Shanghai starting last April has dramatically impacted the city’s population. After an economic standstill, the city begins breathing again, consuming again, but consuming differently! We could easily observe this consumption change during the 618 Shopping Festival this June. Some categories’ YOY UV and GMV growth skyrocketed: outdoors (camping gears and sun…

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Life During Lockdown: News from Our Full Jet Team in Shanghai!

The resurgence of Covid-19 in China has caused many cities to go into strict lockdown, including Shanghai, for over one month now. How are our China team members adapting to this situation? After a little - not so little - adjustment time dealing with internet connection issues, grocery shopping, children’s classes, etc., our team is…

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Sandrine Zerbib on BFM TV: Online Luxury is Booming in China

In 2020 global luxury consumption decreased by 23%; meanwhile, it increased by close to 50% in China, reaching RMB 346 billion (Bain & Company and Tmall Luxury Division Report). Interviewed by Erwan Morice on BFM TV, Sandrine Zerbib, Full Jet Powered by Baozun Founder and Chairwoman, listed some reasons to explain this surge in the middle…

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Victoria Glanz interview on BFM TV: China’s fast recovery after Covid-19

We are very excited to share an interview with Victoria Glanz, Full Jet Senior Partner for Client Development & Operations. Victoria was invited on BFM TV on the 1st of June to give her insights on the recovery of retail sales in China online and offline, particulary that of luxury retail. Victoria highlighted significant differences…

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Victoria Interview on Global Retail News May 2020 issue

We are very happy to share here an interview our Senior Partner, Victoria Glanz gave for the May issue of Global Retail News. During the session, Victoria gave her take on the impact, challenges and opportunities of COVID-19 for overall retail and E-Commerce in China, as well as her thoughts on the current dynamics of…

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Victoria Glanz interview on Radio J – The Digital Theory

We are very happy to share an extract from our senior partner – Victoria’s interview on Radio J in the program 'The Digital Theory', being Alexandra's guest to discuss the subjects of the Corona Virus, the Chinese market, the Full Jet business model, and challenges and opportunities of our customers but also of other international…

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Sandrine Zerbib’s intervention on Business France Webinar about international communication

Full Jet founder, Sandrine Zerbib, continues her series of webinars on good practices to remember and apply during and after the covid-19 crisis. She participated last Wednesday in the "International Communication" ASEAN, China, Near and Middle East "webinar organized by Business France in partnership with CCEF and Team France Export. Find below an…

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Sandrine Zerbib’s presentation of CCE survey results “Covid-19, a catalyst of innovation”

Notre Fondatrice, Sandrine Zerbib, intervenait vendredi dernier lors du Webinar organisé par EY, en partenariat avec le MEDEF et le comité France-Chine: « Redémarrage de la Chine comment les semaines d'avance dans la gestion de la crise sanitaire peuvent servir aux entreprises françaises ? » Retrouvez en ligne sa présentation des résultats de l’enquête mené…

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China’s High Tech Covid-19 Response: Livestreaming: A News E-commerce Dimension Developing

China’s entrepreneurs are getting it right. What lessons should global leaders learn from it? Co-written by Sandrine Zerbib and Aldo Spaanjaars – China veterans and experts of “Dragon Tactics”.   •    The coronavirus outbreak has dealt a severe blow to almost every aspect of the Chinese economy, yet Online retail sales…

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China ‘s High Tech Covid-19 Response: Another Step Towards Global Technological Leadership?

China’s high tech Covid-19 response: Another step towards global technological leadership?  China’s entrepreneurs are getting it right. What lessons should global leaders learn from it?  Co-written by Sandrine Zerbib and Aldo Spaanjaars – China veterans and experts of “Dragon Tactics”.    • The SARS epidemic (2002-2003) fueled the early…

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China Conquers Covid-19 the Way Its Companies Conquer Market: What Lessons Should Global Leaders Learn From It?

Co-written by Sandrine Zerbib and Aldo Spaanjaars – China veterans and experts of “Dragon Tactics”. ·        The comparison between the way the COVID-19 crisis is handled in China and in the Western world is a case study that can help global business managers better understand Chinese businesses key success drivers. …

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How the Coronavirus Crisis in China Will Affect E-commerce Brands in different ways

As the number of new cases of the COVID19 outside of Hubei has been decreasing in the last two weeks and is hitting record lows everyday (let’s hope it stays this way once more people will be allowed to return from their home region), one can start making first assumptions on what the effects of…

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