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Why is Douyin (chinese TikTok) the most advertising-friendly platform in China ?

Today one could argue that Douyin is not just the most successful app in China but also the most advertising-friendly. I will explain why.  Douyin is probably the platform that is the most financially dependent on advertising revenue and, therefore, has the largest interest in being friendly to advertisers. Tencent and WeChat only 17% of…

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Understanding E-Commerce in China: How a Solid Audit Leads to a Successful Implementation 

It is no longer a secret that China is a pioneer in setting a record for e-commerce. In 2020, 782 million Chinese were buying online. In 2021, China reached a new milestone. For the first time in history, e-commerce sales accounted for more than half of retail sales with an estimated 52% compared to 45%…

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Top 10 Platforms You Should Know Before You Start Selling in China

Social and e-commerce platforms have become essential communication and sales channels for brands in China, and they are a vital part of Chinese consumers’ habits. We will analyze how each platform stands out in this ecosystem with its particularities and objectives for users and brands. WeChat 微信 WeChat is more than just an app, it is…

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Is China Live Shopping a Modern Version of Traditional TV Shopping?

We can sometimes hear this question in the West, where TV shopping is still popular. Of course, on the paper, it is the same principle: someone doing a demonstration of a product, live, with an audience who can buy it directly. However, as people spend more time – and money – on their smartphones, it…

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The Importance of Understanding Your Chinese Consumer

The motivations and consumption patterns of European and Chinese online shoppers are very different. Influenced by their lifestyle, culture, and environment, Chinese consumers have developed their own practices and habits. In France, purchasing power belongs to the older generations, in contrast to the trend in China. The younger Chinese generation accounts for a significant part…

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E-Commerce and Social Media : A Non-Existing Border in the Chinese Market

Today's Chinese consumers have immersed themselves in a 2.0 era thanks to their well-built and developed digital environment, often ahead of the world. China is the leading e-commerce market, with more than 780 million e-shoppers in 2020.  In addition to the importance of e-commerce in China, social media holds an extraordinary place in Chinese consumption habits.…

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Live Shopping in China: The Guide for Brands to Succeed in 2022

China's live shopping, real-time online selling market is undoubtedly the first in the world! Starting with the launch of Taobao Live in 2016, it hasn't stopped growing. The market grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 280 percent between 2017 and 2020 to reach an estimated $171 billion in 2020. The…

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De Beers Jewellers Recently Revealed Its New Ambassador!

The luxury jewellery house chose 22-year-old singer and actor Cai Xukun as its new face. Cai is very popular among the younger Chinese generation (more than 34 million followers on #Weibo). De Beers's official Weibo account's announcement was a great success and received more than two million likes and comments. Using male ambassadors to…

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Discover Bilibili, the Video Sharing Community

The China Digital Ecosystem: A New World of Platforms Yet to be Discovered - #02 BILIBILI Bilibili is a well-known platform among the ACG community in China. Bilibili is a mix of YouTube and Twitch, with high-quality ACG-focused content. Lately, Bibili’s success is going beyond its original core users to target Chinese Gen-Z globally.  The platform is riding…

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China E-Commerce Platforms Outpace Western Counterparts for #NFTs Trading

Since this summer, it has been possible to purchase Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) – or “digital collectibles” as called by Chinese regulatory authorities – on platforms owned by China tech giants: Tencent and Alibaba. Chinese social media and gaming giant Tencent built an NFT purchase and collection app.  Alibaba opened a marketplace over a blockchain, backed by the Sichuan provincial government, where…

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Throwback to the Next Tech China Event

Last month La French Tech Shanghai organized an online and offline event to shed light on the challenges of tomorrow in the most innovative industries in China.   Sandrine Zerbib, Founder and Chairwoman of Full Jet powered by Baozun joined a panel discussion about retail with Katia Lan, Bertrand Régnier, and Alexis Bonhomme. She shared her insights about the blurring…

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Discover Dewu, the China fashion community’s E-commerce app

Dewu is a successful Chinese fashion e-commerce app shaking up the industry. It currently ranks among the top-five free apps on China's App Store and is valued at one billion dollars, three times the price of its American counterpart, StockX. Why is Dewu such an interesting platform? 1️⃣ Contrary to traditional e-commerce platforms, Dewu positions the product…

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