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China E-commerce strategy:  cross-border or domestic e-commerce, what to choose?

Cross-border e-commerce refers to the activity of selling to customers located in different country than the one you are established in and shipping from. At the opposite, domestic e-commerce consists of selling to customers in the same country directly. It is possible when the company has established a legal entity in the country it is…

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Understanding E-Commerce in China: How a Solid Audit Leads to a Successful Implementation 

It is no longer a secret that China is a pioneer in setting a record for e-commerce. In 2020, 782 million Chinese were buying online. In 2021, China reached a new milestone. For the first time in history, e-commerce sales accounted for more than half of retail sales with an estimated 52% compared to 45%…

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E-Commerce in China: What are the Opportunities for International Brands?

Chinese e-commerce has its own specificities and offers great opportunities for foreign companies. But it is, above all, essential to understanding the codes of the Chinese market before you can hope for any success in China. The Chinese consumer is the most connected in the world. In 2021, they spent 5 hours 15 minutes scrolling…

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Why Are Benefit Cosmetics and Etude House Closing Most of Their Stores in China?

Covid-19 had a significant impact on physical sales of beauty products that not all brands could offset by increasing their online sales. Especially brands such as Benefit and Etude House were already suffering from a disconnect between their positioning, the beauty market, and their consumers. Benefit Cosmetics has been in China for 14…

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Sandrine Zerbib Is Breaking Down The Thriving Cosmetics Market in China For Cosmetic Business

Interviewed in March by Julia Wray for Cosmetic Business, Sandrine Zerbib, Founder and Chairwoman of Full Jet, Powered by Baozun, shared the keys to cracking the code of the cosmetics industry in China.   “Competition in the beauty segment is huge in China due to the upsurge of brands either domestic or regional…

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Five Ways China’s E-Commerce Landscape is Changing – BoF Interview

The e-commerce market in China increasingly blurred its lines. As a result, every brand must be prepared to occupy their spot in the customer journey, connecting all touch points seamlessly.  How to manage the e-commerce boom for your benefit, while staying in the loop with such a hyper-evolving market?  Zoe Suen…

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#CrackTheCode Webinar Episode 3: How to build an effective relationship with distributors in China

Our Founder and Managing Partner, Sandrine Zerbib and Bruno Grangier Founder Partner, LEAF Law Firm, were this time cracking the code of a well-managed relationship with distributors in China from a business and legal point of view. Full Jet will come back with a new episode in September! If you don’t want to miss it,…

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When Brands Sell Their Souls In China

Check out what our brand expert, Patrick FAURE, has to say on why brands shouldn’t sell their souls in China. A little man named Yelo lived in a remote village in the countryside. He used to make beautiful watches with all his love and craftsmanship. In the middle of the quadrant, he would write his name: Yelo. Everybody in his village was wearing his watches.  Every week, a man who…

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