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How have online consumer behaviors been impacted by the Shanghai Lockdown?

The two-month lockdown in Shanghai starting last April has dramatically impacted the city’s population. After an economic standstill, the city begins breathing again, consuming again, but consuming differently! We could easily observe this consumption change during the 618 Shopping Festival this June. Some categories’ YOY UV and GMV growth skyrocketed: outdoors (camping gears and sun…

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What Lessons can Brands Learn From the 618 Shopping Festival 2022 edition?

618 is an awaited event for consumers, platforms, and brands, well established as the second biggest shopping festival in China after 11.11 in November. This year's festival was even more anticipated. After the lockdown in big cities, it was important for China's e-commerce key players to take the market's pulse. Our Full Jet team pulled…

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The 618 Shopping Festival is Back!

618 is the second largest e-commerce shopping festival in China after 11.11. It is an anticipated event for e-consumers looking for discounts. The stakes are higher this year after a 2-month lockdown in Shanghai! The festival outcome will be an important indicator of the Chinese consumer buying appetite. That is why our Full Jet team…

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Dr. Martens’s Flagship Store was Honored by the Alibaba Group for their Achievements During this Year’s 11.11 Campaign

This year, once again, Dr. Martens was honored by Alibaba Group at a ceremony in Hangzhou for their Tmall Flagship store’s achievements. In 2019 they won the Dark Horse Brand and the Category Pioneer awards. This year Dr. Martens won the Billion Sales Club along with the top two Chinese footwear brands (Belle and Red Dragonfly), UGG…

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2021 Singles’ Day Shopping Festival is the Largest Edition Yet 

2021 Singles' Day Shopping Festival Reaches US$84.54 billion in GMV, the Largest Edition Yet  Sandrine Zerbib, Founder and Chairwoman of Full Jet powered by Baozun, discussed the recent 11.11 shopping festival for Retail in Asia alongside other China market experts.  They explained the successes and the key changes of the world's biggest e-commerce event. "Big festivals such…

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Baozun’s 618 Shopping Event Results Reached 14.2 Billion RMB GMV

From June 1st to June 20th 2021, Baozun's 618 results reached 14.2 Billion RMB GMV, representing an increase of 67%!   - 16 stores exceeded 100 million GMV - 85 stores exceeded 10 million GMV - 18 stores ranked among the top 3 of Tmall's 1st tier categories or 2nd tier subcategories    Baozun's omnichannel…

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Five Ways China’s E-Commerce Landscape is Changing – BoF Interview

The e-commerce market in China increasingly blurred its lines. As a result, every brand must be prepared to occupy their spot in the customer journey, connecting all touch points seamlessly.  How to manage the e-commerce boom for your benefit, while staying in the loop with such a hyper-evolving market?  Zoe Suen…

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Behind Alibaba’s Recent Misfortunes

Alibaba: From an E-commerce Platform to a Media Monopoly Alibaba recently made headlines when the Shanghai Stock Exchange halted the IPO of their financial platform, Ant Group. The platform’s assets rival those of the world’s largest banks. This occurred after Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba dismissed Chinese banks as "pawnshops," giving loans to companies…

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Full Jet’s 11.11 Celebratory News

Full Jet is proud to share with you our 11.11 results! The 11th year of the 11.11 campaign took a lot of work to prepare. Using targeted marketing, fast customer service response and smooth operational management we were able to deliver results above expectations. Thank you to everyone for participating in this successful…

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11. 11 Achieving Record Success in a Single Day!

What is in store for the 2020 edition of 11.11? Wednesday, November 11th of this year will mark the 11th edition of the Double 11 (11.11) e-commerce shopping day in China known as the Singles’ Day. Since every year exceeds the previous year’s sales our expectations are high this year again. …

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Full Jet 6.18 results

Full Jet achieved great results for this year's Tmall 6.18 Shopping Festival 满捷在今年刚刚结束的天猫618大促上再次获得了杰出的成果!

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Celebrities livestreaming sessions for 6.18 campaign warm-up

In this year's 618 shopping festival, over 600 company presidents and 300 celebrities will join the live-streaming sessions to sell products on Taobao Live, the livestreaming channel of Taobao & Tmall. will also launch livestreaming sessions with over 100 celebrities and invite top executives from Huawei and Haier…

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