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The 618 Shopping Festival is Back!

618 is the second largest e-commerce shopping festival in China after 11.11. It is an anticipated event for e-consumers looking for discounts.

The stakes are higher this year after a 2-month lockdown in Shanghai! The festival outcome will be an important indicator of the Chinese consumer buying appetite.

That is why our Full Jet team closely looked at the presales and the Jumpstart Phase of this shopping festival.

According to our experts, the lockdown fueled the growth of outdoor leisure and home upgrade products, including camping, outdoor and home appliances, personal care, and hygiene

Brands started to prepare the 6.18 well in advance this year Marketing communications began right after the 520 Festival to increase the traffic volume. 

Brands are trying to appeal to consumers with limited editions, 24-interest-free installment payments, and an overall higher discount level

Brands also focus on triggering purchases from the Shanghai population with pushes through calls and messages

If you are curious to know more, you will find all our insights in the report below. 
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Stay tuned for the following report!

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