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11.11 Shopping Festival Report, 2021 Edition

A few days ago, the biggest shopping festival period in China ended with the 12.12 shopping festival. As this period ends, it is time to draw some conclusions and prepare your brand’s e-commerce strategy for 2022. 

Why is it important to look at the last 11.11 shopping festival? 

● 11.11 is no longer a one-shot event but rather a trendsetter for the entire e-commerce ecosystem. Successful brands of 11.11 pushed user experience forward with innovation. 
They strengthened their relationship with their consumers – and their loyalty with high-level customer service.

● 11.11 is a springboard that will take brands that stood out during the event and propel them further for the year to come. 
It is a time of year perfect for brands to try out new things!

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