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The Launch of Gucci on the Tmall Luxury Pavilion

Gucci opened its first fashion store on the Luxury Pavilion platform in December of last year. Next month, a second store will open to sell their beauty collection of makeup and perfume. The economic crisis has pushed several luxury brands to launch online. China’s economy is back to pre-Covid numbers, and Chinese consumers are eager to purchase luxury goods, which many would buy while traveling abroad. In 2025, Boston Consulting Group estimates that China will account for 40% of the online market.

There is no time like the present for luxury brands to launch online. The number of luxury brands entering the online marketplace in China will only rise, increasing the competition. Launching a brand on Luxury Pavilion is different from other platforms and requires specific expertise. Full Jet has experience launching Christofle, the French tableware luxury brand, and currently manages De Beers Jewellers’ store, among others. 

If you are a luxury brand with an online project for China, the Full Jet Team and I would be happy to discuss opportunities with you!


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