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The “Little Fresh Meat” Trend is Boosting Male Beauty Sales in China

China is leading the way in male beauty consumption! Between 2016 and 2019, the Chinese male beauty market increased at an average annual rate of 13.5% in China (vs. an increase of 5.8% for the rest of the world). Today men’s skincare market accounts for $1.90 billion in China (source: Euromonitor and Mintel).
The 2 main and interlinking factors influencing growth are:
✔️       K-POP (and now C-POP) boy bands androgynous style
✔️       International beauty brands using male celebrity and KOLs to endorse their products in China
Even though the market is currently dominated by global beauty brands such as Boy de Chanel by Chanel or LAB Series (Estée Lauder Group), several male beauty domestic brands, like Just A Cool Brand (JACB), are going strong! 
Although the male make-up routine is becoming more accepted; consumers still prefer a more discreet approach. Currently, the most popular products in China are moisturizing and whitening products, CC creams, and nude color lipsticks.
???? Are we moving towards a more inclusive beauty approach in China?

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