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Theragun mini launch

Full Jet is excited to share the latest news from our premium brand Theragun – Theragun mini launch on Tmall:

The Theragun mini, a “fit-in-your-pocket,” yet “mighty” massage gun, it’s finally here on our Tmall flagship store!

The mini is built in the same triangular shape characteristic of all Theragun models. Compact but powerful, the Theragun mini is the most agile massage device that goes wherever you do.  It’s perfect for travel, business trips, outdoor activities, sports and fitness occasions. Come check it out in the Theragun Tmall store:

满捷非常荣幸地宣布我们的合作品牌Theragun在天猫旗舰店上线了最新产品Theragun mini,一款迷你便携,动力十足的筋膜枪!

Theragun mini延续了品牌特有的三角形外观,小巧而功能强大,随时随地焕发肌体活力,这就是Theragun mini的吸睛之处。无论是充当旅行者的随身按摩师、差旅人士的放松利器、加班党的办公室解压好物,还是运动爱好者的“训练恢复师”,一把小巧的Theragun mini,就能轻松应对。欢迎来到Theragun天猫旗舰店:

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