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Throwback to the Next Tech China Event

Last month La French Tech Shanghai organized an online and offline event to shed light on the challenges of tomorrow in the most innovative industries in China.  

Sandrine Zerbib, Founder and Chairwoman of Full Jet powered by Baozun joined a panel discussion about retail with Katia Lan, Bertrand Régnier, and Alexis Bonhomme. She shared her insights about the blurring border between social and commerce in China and the role of livestreaming. 

“According to reports, nearly $250 billion worth of products in China will be sold through livestreaming in 2021. The lesson here is that our world is changing, and consumer patterns are also evolving. Conscious brands need to constantly revise their strategies to ensure they do not lose touch with their target population. I also believe that these consumer consumption trends we see today in China can serve as a pointer to what is to come in other nations of the world, either sooner or later,” says Sandrine Zerbib.

Full Jet powered by Baozun is proud to have sponsored such an event. We hope to see you at the next one!

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