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Victoria Glanz interview on BFM TV: China’s fast recovery after Covid-19

We are very excited to share an interview with Victoria Glanz, Full Jet Senior Partner for Client Development & Operations. Victoria was invited on BFM TV on the 1st of June to give her insights on the recovery of retail sales in China online and offline, particulary that of luxury retail. Victoria highlighted significant differences in E-Commerce in China versus E-Commerce in Europe and shared some thoughts about the international pandemic and its short and long-term impact on China.

我们非常高兴与大家分享法国媒体对满捷公司高级合伙人、客户发展与运营首席执行官Victoria Glanz女士的采访。6月1 日,Victoria受邀在法国BFM电视台节目中阐述了她对中国线上及线下零售行业复苏的见解,尤其是奢侈品零售市场。Victoria强调了中国电商与欧洲电商的显著差异,并就全球疫情对中国的短期和长期影响表达了她的看法。


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