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Welcome to NUXE, our new brand partner

Full Jet powered by Baozun and Baozun eCommerce Inc. are proud to be the China e-commerce partner of the French nature-inspired cosmetics brand, Nuxe Group 
Together, we re-launched their NUXE Tmall flagship store to position the brand as a premium botanical skin and body care. 

We seized the opportunity to leverage their NUXE new bestselling product worldwide: SUPER SERUM [10]. The brand chose the Chinese singer and actress Pinky Chou (Zhou Jieqiong) to endorse the serum. 

We enhanced the look and feel of the flagship store with higher quality visuals mixing videos and photos, making it more engaging for consumers and we already the results of our joined efforts in our store performance!

For 2022, we have a lot of amazing things planned with fantastic campaigns, special packaging and sets, great livestreaming collabs and more !

We are confident NUXE will meet the success it deserves in China and we are proud to be part of this success story. 

Please have a look at NUXE’s Tmall flagship store here:

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