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What Are the Trends of the 2021 Qixi Festival?

Qixi, or traditional Chinese Valentine’s Day, has become an incredible opportunity for luxury and beauty brands to communicate with their Chinese audience with unique love-themed campaigns. 

Let’s check the best marketing strategies:

Limited Editions 
FLORASIS created a lock makeup box that included three sets of products like a match made in heaven embodying different attributes of love: eternity, affinity, and harmony. 
The brand promoted the gift box with the Chinese Valentine’s Day Lock Love makeup created by China’s top ten makeup artists. The look is inspired by Yue Lao, the God of Matchmaking and Marriage in Chinese mythology.

Special Collaborations 
The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. opted for a fresh and vibrant campaign collaborating with Shushu/Tong, China’s top independent clothing designer brand. The limited collection displays the classic flower patterns of Shushu/Tong. 

Celebrities and Social Media 
GIVENCHY chose the omnichannel approach to promote their Qixi limited collection. Online, the brand launched a WeChat Mini-Program in July and named Chinese celebrities “Givenchy Love Ambassadors.” On Weibo, #GivenchyLoveAmbassadors has received 2.2 million impressions so far.

These campaigns all have one thing in common: localization

For your brand to thrive, localized marketing campaigns that display an understanding of Chinese culture and its consumers are crucial!

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